Civil Rights Provided in Indian Constitution

Civil Rights Provided in Indian Constitution

Civil rights are the rights acquired by an individual by being a citizen or automatic entitlement to certain freedoms conferred by law or customs. The civil rights are provided to us by the Constitutions as fundamental rights.The Indian Constitution provides us the following rights.

Right to Equality

  • Article 14 : Equality before law and equal protection of law
  • Article 15 : Discrimination will not take place against religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them
  • Article 16 : Equality of opportunity in matter of public employment
  • Article 17 : Abolition of untouchability
  • Article 18 : Abolition of titles

Right to Freedom

  • Article 19 : Freedom of speech and expression
  • Article 20 : Protection in respect of conviction for offences
  • Article 21 : Protection of life and personal liberty
  • Article 21A : Right to education
  • Article 22 : Protection against curtain arrest and detention in some cases

Right against Exploitation

  • Article 23 : Prohibits discrimination against traffic in human beings and beggar
  • Article 24 : Prohibits the employment of child labor in factories, mines and other hazardous job Right to Freedom of Religion
  • Article 25 : All persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely propagate religion
  • Article 26 : Freedom to manage religious programs
  • Article 27 : Prohibits taxes on religious ground and freedom to spread any religion
  • Article 28 : Freedom to attend religious instructions in educational institutes

Cultural and Educational Rights

  • Article 29 : Protection of needs of minorities
  • Article 30: Clears the minority rights to establish their own educational institutions Right to Constitutional Remedies
  • Article 32: The right to move the supreme court in case of their violation. At the time of framing the constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had described the provision under article 32 as the very soul and heart of the Constitution.