Common Minimum Program For Social Work Students in Field Work

Common Minimum Program For
Social Work Students in Field Work

Possible activities that the social work trainees can initiate in the educational institutions:

  1. Act as a facilitator between the students, the teacher and family to help the students who need help.
  2. Rapport building between students, teachers and Management to build up a peaceful environment
  3. Capacity Building for the students on different topics and life skills through different modules to empower them and build their self confidence. The social work trainees may substitute the teachers as and when need arises
  4. Counseling for problem centric students (truancy, problematic students, deviant, potential drop-out, poor academic performers, absentees, differently abled, behavioral disorders)
  5. Coordinating the performance of the students in the school with the family through home visits and constant interaction with parents/guardians.
  6. Organize peace clubs or related activities which will enhance the team spirit and promote teamwork among students coming from different communities and backgrounds.

Expected benefits for the Institutions:

  1. Help the students to share their issues and problems freely to the social worker. Thus, helping the students develop their problem solving skills in the process.
  2. Organize student centered programmes to build the community spirit in the school and develop the sense of social responsibility among the students.
  3. To protect the environment and preserve it through promoting peace and eco gardens
  4. Introduce peer mediation in the school to prevent all forms of conflicts in the school. It will equip the students to facilitate and settle the issues between the students and communities.
  5. Work in collaboration with the management for the peaceful and harmonious learning environment in the schools.