Community and Society

What is a Community?

Community is the group of people who live together in a specific area or locality and share common life. The community people also have community sentiments.A community is defined as a group of people who follow a social structure in a society. The social structure involves religion, morals, customs, values, etc. The place of a community can be virtual as well as physical (village, towns, countries, etc.). People interacting with each other having common interests, values, etc., live in a community. The basis of a community lies in five fundamental things action, place, circumstance, interest, and practice. Community is the part of society and exists within society and possesses its distinguishable structure which differentiates it from other communities.

What is Society?

Society includes every relation which is established among the people, society has no definite boundary infect it is universal. Society is the name of our social relationship on the contrary community is the group of people living together is a particular locality.Society is a web of social relationship which cannot be seen or touched. It is an abstract concept on the contrary community is a concrete concept. It is a group of people residing together in a geographical area having a sense of belongingness.People with common interests come forward and make a society. Well, society can also mean an organized group of people working together for their common interests, perspectives, or beliefs. For instance, the US is a capitalist society. Well, in the animal kingdom, when a particular species of animals live together, that is termed as a society.

Types of Community

  • Interest: People who share common interests are a part of a community.
  • Action: People who wish to bring a change in society are a part of a community.
  • Place: People who come together through geographical boundaries are also a part of a community.
  • Practice: People who undertake the same activities/ profession come under the practice community.
  • Circumstance: People who come together through some external situation are a part of a circumstance community.

Types of Society

  • Tribal Society:Hunters and Gathers are a major part of the tribal societies.
  • Agrarian Society: People who do agricultural activities are a part of an agrarian society.
  • Industrial Society: The organized production and machinery of goods is called an industrial society.
  • Post-Industrial Society:This society included practical application of theoretical knowledge that led to various innovations in science.


Society and community are two basic elements in sociology. They are, therefore, inter-related concepts. Nevertheless, there is a difference between society and community based primarily on its members, their interactions, locality, etc.

Hence, the main difference between society and community is that society is built upon interactions with varied people whereas community is the collection of people with similar interests essentially residing in one geographic place.