Social Work Concept With Propagators

Concept With Propagators

Family Therapy A.L. Kerman, Virginia M.Satir
Cognitive Therapy Aaron T. Beck, Albert Bandura
Free Will Friedrich Nietzrche
Welfare Organization Arthur Dunham
Community Organization Murray G. Ross
Charity Organization Octavia Hill & Samual Burnell
Social Development M.S. Gore
Social Movement NSA Rao
Social Legislation K.D. Gargrade
Community Work Specht H & Kromer
Bureaucracy Max Weber
POSDCORB Luther Gullick
Case Work Grace Mathews
Group Work H.B. Tracker
Insight Learning Theory Kohler
Task Control Model William Reid Task L. Treatment
Locality Development Model, Social Planning and Social Action Jack Roth-man
Two factor theory Herzberg
Growth needs, relatedness need, existence need Alderfer’s theory (ERG Theory)
Expectancy Theory Vroom
Participation Theory. X.Y Douglas Mcgregor
Theory Z Urwick
Argyris’s Theory Argyris
Micro Sociology Randall Lollins
In- group, out group W.G. Summer
Existential Social Work Sorer Kierkegaard, Rollomay
Cognitive Social Work Robert Sunley, Alfred Adler
Radical Social work Baily
Medical Social Work Gold stein
Trial and error learning theory Thorn dike
Crisis theory Howard J. Parad
Basic anxiety Card Horny
School of Analytical Psychology (Theory of Personality Persona) Carl Jung
Psycho analysis Sigmund Freud
Psycho Sexual development Sigmund Freud
The unconscious (Psycho dynamic) Sigmund Freud
Free Association Sigmund Freud
Ego psychology, Analytic Play Therapy Anna Freud & Erik Erickson
Eclectic approach F. Hollis
Psycho social model F. Hollis
Psycho social Theory / Approach Hamilton
Psycho social Therapy Began
Psycho social development Erik Erickson
Problem solving model / Approach H.H. Parlmen / Compton
Problem Solving techniques Hamilton
Looking glass self, social process C.H. Cooley
Concept of primary secondary group C.H. Cooley
Will Therapy Auto Rank
Social case work (functional approach / school) Auto Rank
Transactional analysis Eric Berne
The dimensional model of personality Child, Adult, parent
Phenomenological (Humanistic Theory) Carl Rogers
Person / Clint central therapy; Play Therapy Carl Rogers
Gestalt system of therapy Carl Rogers
Gestalt Therapy Laurel F. Perl, P. Goodmen
Class conflict theory Carl Marx
Conflict Theory Lewis coser
Evolutionary Theory Bowlby John
Role Theory Pearlman, Larol Mayor, Kingsly davis
Role playing (Diagnostic school of so. case work G.H. Margret Mead
Symbolic Interaction ism G.H. Margret & L.H. Cooley
Functional Model Smalley, Taft & Robinson
Functionalism 4 system theory Talcott parson
Psychoanalytic Theory Sigmund Freud
General system theory L.Von Bertalonfty
Conscientization Model (Culture of silene) Paulo friere
Action reflection (praxis) Paulo friere
Criminals are born Lombroso
Differential association Theory, break down Suther land
Crime is a learned behavior, white collar crime Suther land
Common human need Tawle charlotte
Hierarchy of needs (humanistic theory) Abhraham Maslow
Human motivation theory (self) Abhraham Maslow
Labeling theory of grime Howard Beckar
Institutional Redistributive Model R.M. Titmus
Residal Welfare & Welfare state achievement Performance model
Suicide,Collective Representions (Classification of social system) E-mile Durkhem
Labeling Theory (Mechanical / organic social system) Division of labor
Social change, cultural lag W.F. Ogburn
Rational Therapy (Emotive, behavior) Albert Ellis
Rational Choice (Criminology) Cesare Beccaria
Exchange theory Malinowski
Social exchange Theory James Frarer
Social learning theory (criminology) Ronald Akers, Rotret Burger
Social learning theory / Congnative modeling Albert Bandurag Dollard, Miller, Julian Rater, Walter Misches
(Behavior) Action Therapy Pavlov, Thorndike, Skinner
Theory of leisure class Thorstein Veblen
Systematic theory of population Robert Malthers
Optimum theory of population Lanon
Demographic transition theory of population Frank, Notestein, W.S. Thompsen
Need for achievement theory McClellan d
Integrated MOdel of social work practice Pincus & Minhan
Law of three stages of social development Auguste Compte
Bio Psychological theory social disorganization Gobinean
Community approach to mental health Caplen G
Classical conditioning Jvan Pavlov
Operant Conditioning, Behavior modification theory, Reinforcement Skinner
Field Theory Kurt Lewin
Containment theory Reckless & Dinis
Group work practice T. Douglas
Child Development Elizabeth Harlock
SOS Village Harmann Gmeiner
Conjugal family William J. Goody
Reference group R.K. Merton / Hayman
Micro sociology Randall Collins
Culture of poverty Oscar lewis
Social control theory Trains Harschi
Strain theory Robert K Merton
Personality theory & social vrge theory Alfred Adler
Relaxation Therapy Jacobson
Behavior Therapy Joseph Wolves
Reality Therapy William Glasser
Existential Therapy Soren Kierbegaard
Behavior Modification model Adwin J. Thomas
Sustainable development (Our common future ) Burt land
Social disorganization Chicago school
Love model Holmes
Two Factor Theory of Intelligence Charles Spear-man