Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour:

In this world there are millions of species all are unique in themselves but higher rate of survival and adaptability with the environment makes human being special among all species. The human beings have three important features (1) A bigger and developed brain with increased capacity for cognitive bahvaiours like memory, perceptions, reasoning, problem solving and use of language for communication (2) Ability to walk upright on two legs and (3) A free hand with a workable opposing thumb. Apart from these feature human behaviour is highly complex and more developed than any other species.

There are some important factors that determine human behavior.

1. Biological basis of Behaviour :-

Neurons is the basic unit of our nervous system. Neurons are specialized cells, which possess the unique property of converting various forms of stimuli into electrical impulses. They are also specialized for reception, conduction and transmission of information in the form of electrochemical signals.

They receive information from sense organs, carry them to central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and bring motor information from the central nervous system to the motor organs (muscles and glands) Nearly 12 billions neurons are found in the human nervous system. The normal functioning of all the biological components such as neurons, nerve impulse, nervous system and brain is crucial to the behavioural well being of human beings there inefficiency of imbalance could change the state of internal equilibrium.

2. Genes and Behaviour:-

Human beings inherent characteristics from their parents in the form of genes. A child at birth possesses a unique combination of genes received from both parents. These inheritances provide distinct biological blue print and determine the physical and psychological characteristics of an individual.

3. Socio-cultural sapping of human behaviour:-

The most effective factor that determine the human behaviour is cultural base. The human behaviour is unlike other creatures because they have a culture to regulate behavior. For example the need of hunger has a biological basis, which is common among the animal and human beings, but the way human beings satisfy this needs is different and complex from animals, different in a way that we have set pattern of eating and complex in a way that some of us eat vegetarian food and some non vegetarian food. The individuals food eating habit or behaviour is determinedly by their culture.