Professional Ethics of Social Work

Professional Ethics of Social Work

Like the other profession social work too have a body of principles which may be called as the Professional Ethics of Social Work. These principles or the code of social workers conduct are universal in nature.They are ought to be followed by a social worker irrespective of his country or culture and same is there with Indian social workers who have accepted them as they have been developed elsewhere.

These ethics are broadly classified on the basis of social Workers relationship to his:
2.Employing Agency
3. Colleagues
4. Community 5. Profession of Social Work as a whole

A.Based on Social Workers Relationship to his/her Clientele:

1.He/she should regard the welfare of individual or groups served by him as primary obligation.
2. He/she should give precedence to his /her professional responsibilities over his /her personal interests.
3 He/she should recognize client’s right to self determination and privacy.

He/she should show respect for individual differences without, however discriminating between his/her clients on a non professional basis.

B.Based on Social Workers Relationship to his/her Employing Agency:

5.He/she as an employee to his/her agency should be loyal to his /her employers.
6. He/she should give correct information to his/her employers.
7. He/she should observe all agency regulations and procedures.
8. He/she should hold himself responsible for the quality and extent of services he/she renders.
9. He/she should try to improve agencies public image and refrain even after termination of employment from irresponsible and undignified public opinion and criticism of the agency.

C. Based on Social Workers relationship to his/her Colleagues:

10. He/she should show respect for the position and accomplishment of his/her colleagues.
11. He/she should help colleagues in fulfilling their responsibilities.
12. He/she should treat all colleagues without discrimination and should cooperate with them in research and practice.

D. Based on Social Workers relationship to his/her Community:

13. He/she should seek to protect the community against unethical practice on the part of the individuals or organizations engaged in social work activities.
14. He/she should render appropriate professional service in public emergencies.
15. He/she should contribute his/her knowledge, skills and support to programs of community improvement.

E. Based on Social Workers relationship to his/her Profession of Social Work as a whole:

16. He/she should appropriate responsibility for adding his/her knowledge and findings to the body of social workers knowledge.
17.He/she should recognize his/her obligation to his/her profession.
18. He/she should defend the social work profession against unjust attack and misrepresentation.
19 He/she should support and consistently work to improve the standards of social work profession.
20. He/she should sustain and enhance public confidence in the profession through maintaining integrity and self discipline in professional behavior.
21. He/she should support the principle that professional practice requires professional education.
22. He/she should clearly distinguish in public between his/her statements and actions as an individual and as representative of an organization.