Weaker and Vulnerable Section

Weaker and Vulnerable Section

Weaker Sections

It is difficult to define weaker sections as there is no uniformly accepted definition. There are some sections of society which might be considered as weaker sections due to their social and economical backwardness. Such as Scheduled Castes, which are traditionally regarded as ‘untouchables’ and socially disadvantaged. The scheduled tribe, which are geographically isolated and not in the mainstream of the society, living with primitive traits and other backward class, who are educationally and socially backward.All these three categories in Indian society may be considered as weaker sections.In addition to this,the women population, that constitutes almost half of the population but having minimum economic and political power also considered as weaker sections of the society.

Therefore, following categories of people may be considered as weaker sections.
  1. Scheduled Caste
  2. Scheduled Tribe
  3. Other Backward Class
  4. Women

Vulnerable Section

It is difficult to distinguish between weaker and vulnerable sections as many people use them interchangeably, some factors are common in weaker and vulnerable section as both sections combined form the disadvantaged group of the society and need special attention of the civil society and the government. If we look at the meaning of ‘vulnerable’ it is used for someone who may easily get affected. Therefore,sociologically speaking, we can include certain section under vulnerable section such as – children, Aged and physically or mentally challenged people irrespective of their caste or class in the society. Incorporation of such groups is due to their incapability, disability or age that can easily exposed in the social, economical and ecological adversity.